10000V ( One man, high voltage pressure – Nancy / France )

Kévin Angboly is a musician/performer based in France. He uses total improvisation as a method in his different projects. The common and main element of his work is the idea of total theatre mixed together with sound where interaction with the public becomes necessary.

In 2007, he was one of the founders of Reaction Power Trio (RPT), a collective of improvised music, noise, performance and more. He currently plays as drummer in bands such as »Python vs Cobra», “Les conférences bunker” and is the lead singer of “Teen Katy sucks black”.


For 10000V, I choose to condensed all my frustrations into a full and compact 10 minutes set. Using the minimum or almost nothing as a start, a few seconds will be enough to get to the point of never coming back. Only the high voltage sound pressure could keep me the closest to the truth.