Attention, Work! (Stripburger)

Exhibition with material connected to the book Workburger, by various Stripburger artists @ Mitt Möllan, July 28 – September 11

»The Pozor, delo! (Attention, Work!) exhibition showcases a visual research of a sanctified activity that usually ennobles and gives meaning to each human being. Work admittedly strengthens body and mind, as the saying goes, but enables the capitalization of human power and knowledge in its organized form as well. This can lead to depersonalization and ruthless exploitation, intended solely to increase the profits. Work can also bring work-overload, exhaustion and stress. Between the coordinates of these two extremes lie substantive emphases from numerous authors’ contributions that transform this multimedia exhibition into a constructive and meaningful foundation for a deeper reflection on the nature, purpose and importance of work in a contemporary post-fordist society.

The exhibition was originally conceived as the counterpart to the Stripburger’s international comics anthology titled Workburger. Hard-working contributing artists have managed to create a series of provocative creations that intertwine utopism and caustic criticism with wit and irony to question the general condition of the modern society, especially the production of meaning as its main driving force. The exhibition, inspired by the current reality, depicts a multifaceted manifestation of this conflictual relationship, powered by a persistent tension between value and evaluation of work.« [Matjaž Brulc]

Poster design: Mattias Elftorp. Original art: David Krančan
Workburger cover image by Igor Hofbauer

Honorary members of our ad-hoc comics artists union are:
Bojan Albahari (SI), Žiga Aljaž (SI), Max Andersson (SE/DE), Arara (Miguel Carneiro, Bruno Borges, Dayana Lucas, Daniela Duarte, Pedro Nora, Ana Tórrie, Francisco Queimadela & Mariana Caló, Nuno Sousa, Marco Mendes, Carlos Pinheiro, André Lemos, Ruca/Dr.Urânio, David Ferreira) (PT), Kaja Avberšek (SI), Arkadi (DE), Boris Beja (SI), Pakito Bolino (FR), Paul Ashley Brown (UK), Anna Ehrlemark (SE), Mina Fina (SI), Domen Finžgar (SI), Lars Fiske (NO), Matti Hagelberg (FI), Jyrki Heikkinen (FI), Igor Hofbauer (HR), Jeroen Janssen (BE), Jakob Klemenčič (SI), Marko Kociper (SI), Tanja Komadina (SI), Marko A. Kovačič (SI), David Krančan (SI), Olaf Ladousse (FR/ES), Matej Lavrenčič (SI), Andraž Magajna (SI), Akinori Oishi (JP), Teresa Camara Pestana (PT), Tomáš Přidal (CZ), Marija Mojca Pungerčar (SI), Marcel Ruijters (NL), Lars Sjunnesson (SE), Mateusz Skutnik (PL), Boris Stanič (RS), Matej Stupica (SI), Andrej Štular (SI), Lasse Wandschneider (DE), Danijel Žeželj (HR/US).

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