A term defined by Vanessa of Le Garage L as the following:

“It is quite difficult to explain because it’s a kind of slang so it depends who uses the word.

For us, we use the word for people who do their best to do things with best motivation but can help having some kind of bad luck or strange adventures. But in the end, everything is ok. It’s just that branquignole don’t always use the most simply way to do thing, but not by their own decision, but they succeed and have good stories to tell… Is it more clear?

Sorry, I meant : “but can’t help having some bad luck…”

Ho!  You can’t become a branquignole, you are or not, it’s something “genetic”. My grandfather was already one. But don’t worry, you can live really happy with this…


Last example : one king of the Branquignole is the architect of the Pisa tower. He wanted to do a really nice tower, and the tower inclines, but now it’s one of the most famous towers in the world and also it’s said that it helped Galileo to prove the law of gravitation from the top of the tower…”