COdA is a free fanzine started in stockholm in the fall of 2017. Its
main themes are underground free culture, antifascism, experimental
music and controversial comics.

COdA’s intention is to be present at underground gigs to have something
to read between one set and the other, limiting the use of mobile
phones, and supporting the underground through live reviews, interviews
and direct small scale production.

Although the particular attention that COdA has toward Stockholm, the
fanzine also keeps an eye on the european scene. From 2018 COdA also
started to release some spinn-off productions as Christian Löfwall’s
Taturade Ordningsvaktkukar A3 poster, and Giovani Della Mancha poems
collection Anfibio En Transformación.

At the AltCom Festival, COdA will present the work of Peter Larsson, an
animation movie maker, fanzine assembler and music producer from
Stockholm. COdA number 8 will feature an interview and a special
spin-off to the best animation director in Sweden!