Heartscribble Studio

Heartscribble Studio is a relatively new studio of four members where all of them have a burning passion to create comics! They make everything between horror and fantasy, romance and comedy. Stop by at AltCom to check out their table and you will find home-made fanzines, pins, stickers and prints.

Heartscribble Studio was founded after the graduation at Bryggeriets gymnasium in 2017 by cartoonists with a common interest in comic-creation. The studio consists of four members, where everyone brings with them something new and exciting to the world of making comics. Nathalie, the youngest member, likes to draw horror and bring a magic essence into her stories while experimenting with different styles. Monica likes to work with some heavier subjects and test out different genres. Alice loves writing and designing stories, usually sci-fi, that they can then illustrate in comic-form. Niki, the fourth and last member, loves to work with screen tones and to explore what it’s like to work with longer projects.

All members carry something that brings new life and a fresh feeling to the Swedish comic book market and how it looks today. The aim of the studio is to hopefully inspire people to chase after their own dreams while spreading joy and other emotions through their comics. If you are interested in Heartscribble Studio, please check out their social media (links below) and they hope they will meet you at AltCom!