Lost at TRAUMA

Due to some technical difficulties and an incident involving a fire extinguisher in the final moments of TRAUMA, we missed two items. So instead we will showcase them a bit extra here.

One was the screening of Klaustrostudio‘s video: Unknown location II

The other one was Schizophrenic Genius who was supposed to have been the last act Saturday:

Hopefully, at some point, we’ll be able to make it up to them at some other upcoming event.

More videos etc will be published at the site in a while, we just need a few weeks of sleep first…

It has been fulfilled…

AltCom 2018 is over and we’re all going through our personal processes of recuperation.

How great was the festival? It may be hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there, but perhaps we’ll be able to put it into words when our brains are back in action again. We’ll also publish a whole bunch of pics and videos here on the site, so if you have any to share (from both AltCom & TRAUMA), please send them to us: info [at] altcomfestival [dot] se

But first, three weeks of vacation. Will be back to working as normal around mid-September…

TRAUMA is coming…

The preparations for TRAUMA is coming along. This is going to be something special…

Confirmed bands so far:
10000 V [FR]
Felicia Lindgren [SE]
(Jyske Harsh Noise Mafia) [DK]
Khmer Noir
[SE] (video screening: Unknown location II)
Legion of Swine
Neu Drone
Nimam Spregleda
Noise Against Fascism
Prefix Suffix
(Fkn Fk) [DK]
Tied Hands
Trauma Command

More music to make your ears bleed will be announced as it is confirmed…

Check the TRAUMA page for the most current updates.