Workshop @ AltCom 2018: Comics Corner

The first thing happening at AltCom is a workshop at Fanzineverkstaden:

Welcome to a workshop with Ylva Oknelid!

Aug 23, between 15-18

The workshop is an open, creative corner. Come and do some jam comics, folded or accordion zines, carve some linoleum or just hang out. No need to RSVP.

We provide a relaxed and creative environment and some sweet materials
(Age limit: 18)

The anthology is here!

The AltCom 2018 anthology is here!

Look for it to pop up at random places in Malmö during the month before the festival starts (and during the actual festival, of course). If you can’t find it elsewhere, drop by Hybriden, and if that’s closed you can get it at Fanzineverkstaden (Tue-Thu between 15-21 @ Ahlmansgatan 11A).

And it’s for free, as usual!

Participating artists:
Manuel Rodriguez
Mattias Elftorp
Katarzyna Dworaczyk
Radovan Popovicć
Bojan Milojevic / Asterian
Amalia Alvarez
Ivana Armanini
Aiden Kvarnström
Tom Mortimer
Ole Comoll Christensen
Valtteri Tavast
Henna Räsänen
Line Høstrup
António José Lopes
Samar Elgyar
Ivana Filipovich
Nicolas Krizan
Štěpánka Jislová
Sharad Sharma
Jose Alaniz
Patrick McEvoy & Randy Valiente
Vladimir Trajanovski
Henrik Rogowski
Predrag Duric & Vlado Nikolovski
Johann Ek Carbayu
Jon Cowen
Olivia Skoglund
Sara El-Masry & Saadany
Wojciech Garncarz
Takwa Saleh Zakaria
Jonas Bengt Svensson

Did we mention that we’re giving it away for free?

About AltCom 2018

AltCom 2018 in Malmö, August 23-26 is an international festival for alternative and underground comics. This year in conjunction with the TRAUMA noise festival (Aug 24-25).

There will be exhibitions, market, talks, international guests, free festival anthology and two nights of music to makes your ears bleed. This year’s theme is HOW TO SURVIVE A DICTATORSHIP.

Sweden is normally seen as truly a democracy, but we’ve only had universal suffrage for about 100 years and the right to vote can’t be taken for granted in the long run. Even now, there are sections of society not covered by democracy, and there are parts of our lives that we have no direct influence over when we vote every four years. For example, corporations are not democratically structured, even though work takes up so much of our lifetimes. If you are undocumented or homeless, it’s easy to see how you’re not really included in the democratic process. Furthermore, the decisions are made by people who can earn more in a month than many of us get in a whole year.

Sometimes, people are coming here to escape dictatorships but we close the door in their faces instead of seeing the potential exchange of experiences. Several of the guests at AltCom have similar experiences to share.

What would happen if, after the election, one of our parties would have enough power to abolish democracy for all or parts of the population? How would we handle such a situation? What are our strategies for surviving a dictatorship?

AltCom is not only a comics festival but also a forum for discussing these and similar issues.

AltCom 2018 is organised by Tusen Serier in collaboration with CBKKoshk, Wormgod, Noise Against Fascism, Panora etc, with support from Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturstöd & Kulturrådet.

Table reservations are open

For comics collectives, small press publishers and individual creators: It is now possible to book tables at AltCom 2018!

The market will take place Sat-Sun, August 25-26 at Panora* (but don’t miss that the festival begins already on the 23rd).

Interested? Send an email to booking [at] altcomfestival [dot] se with the following information:
– What’s the name of you/your group (what you want it to say in the festival program)
– Approximately how many titles you will have to sell (in order for us to plan how the table space will be shared)

Please note that having a table at AltCom 2018 is FREE of charge.

* We won’t be in Folkets Park this time, like we have been for the last couple of festivals, so even IF there’ll be rain again it won’t be as much of a problem.

TRAUMA is coming…

The preparations for TRAUMA is coming along. This is going to be something special…

Confirmed bands so far:
10000 V [FR]
Felicia Lindgren [SE]
(Jyske Harsh Noise Mafia) [DK]
Khmer Noir
[SE] (video screening: Unknown location II)
Legion of Swine
Neu Drone
Nimam Spregleda
Noise Against Fascism
Prefix Suffix
(Fkn Fk) [DK]
Tied Hands
Trauma Command

More music to make your ears bleed will be announced as it is confirmed…

Check the TRAUMA page for the most current updates.

AltCom 2018 anthology: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Because of popular demand and also because we can, we’re extending the deadline for sending in comics to the anthology! New deadline is May 31!

Join the anthology for AltCom 2018: HOW TO SURVIVE A DICTATORSHIP!
Send us comics about your thoughts, experiences, strategy tips and tricks on the subject.

As always in AltCom, we will hand the book out for free during and after the festival.

WHAT we want:
Pages: 1-5, black/white/gray
Language: English
Format: 140x182mm (portrait orientation) +5mm bleed on all sides
Files: High-resolution, preferably .TIFF
If you are unsure what we mean by “high-resolution” or “bleed”, please ask. Lots of artists don’t know, and it’s better to ask than to send us files that we can’t use.

WHEN we want it:
Deadline: May 31 (formerly May 15)

WHERE we want it:
Send submissions to:
submissions [at] altcomfestival [dot] se

Please help us spread this invitation to anyone who might be interested! Here’s the Facebook event.

As usual, no one gets paid for participating. But on the other hand, no one pays to get it either. Everything is voluntary.

And yes, we do accept comics that have already been published elsewhere, as long as we like them and they fit into the theme.

AltCom 2018 is organised by Tusen Serier in collaboration with CBKKoshk, Wormgod, Noise Against Fascism, Panora etc, with support from Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturstöd & Kulturrådet.

AltCom 2018 is coming!


AltCom 2018 is now confirmed, and it will take place in Malmö August 23-26.

You won’t get much more info than that at this point, but we’re planning an overhaul of the website pretty soon. Meanwhile, you can check out what happened last time, at AltCom 2016. But there will be exhibitions, market, talks and international guests as usual, as well as a special collaboration with the TRAUMA noise festival. AND…

…there will be a festival anthology again this year. If you want to get started on your comics already, the deadline will be in April or May, the format will be 140x182mm, black/white and 5 pages/person (same as usual if you’ve participated before). You won’t get paid for contributing, but on the other hand no one will pay to get the book either since it will be given away for free during and after the festival.

We will publish a proper call for submissions pretty soon, so look for it here.

And so begin the preparations…

AltCom 2018 is organised by Tusen Serier in collaboration with CBKKoshk, Wormgod, Noise Against Fascism, Panora etc, with support from Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturstöd & Kulturrådet.

Speaking of anthologies, CBK is right now looking for comics and texts for CBA vol 40 – worst case scenario which is planned to be released in time for AltCom. Check it out!