Club Med

24-26 aug @ Panora
Vernissage torsdag 24 aug, kl 17-1930

Utställningen bygger på boken Clube Mediterrâneo – twelve frames and a devouring och baseras på bilder och berättelser från de som tagit sig över Medelhavet för att nå Europa. Själva utställningen visas i tält där det ev också kommer att hållas serieworkshops som en del av utställningen.

“Published by Editora dos Tipos and by Xerefé and printed with patience and detail in the Typography Damasceno, Coimbra, Clube Mediterrâneo – twelve frames and a devouring (2017), written by João Pedro Mésseder, illustrated by Ana Biscaia and graphically conceived by Joana Monteiro, is a work that results from a shuttle. A jigsaw simultaneously creative and suffered.
On the one hand, the images, the hundreds and hundreds of images (photographs, reports, documentaries) that tell the tragedy of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean drift between two shores: that of North Africa and the Middle East, where they flee ; the one of Southern Europe, where they intend to contribute. This in 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and even before”.
— João Pedro Mésseder