Past festivals


The first AltCom event took place in 2004 and was organized by C’est Bon Kultur. In 2010 it became a bi-annual comics festival for alternative/underground/small press comics, run by Mattias Elftorp for the Swedish Comics Association (Seriefrämjandet). From 2016 it’s back with CBK, organized together with Tusen Serier. Here you can find what’s happened before:

AltCom 2016: WORK

The thing we sell our lives for. Also sometimes what we live for. Also often what other reap the fruits of.


altcom2014logoA look at the world after the end.

AltCom 2012: NO BORDERS

AltCom 2012 took us across the borders to being a regularly reoccuring festival. You’ll find more details on the website for AltCom 2012, here.

AltCom 2010: SEX & WAR

AltCom 2010 was the first major AltCom festival in Malmö, the comics city. The theme was SEX & WAR.
You’ll find more details on the website for AltCom 2010, here.

AltCom 2004

AltCom started as early as 2004 and was held as a minifestival arranged by C’est Bon Kultur in conjunction with the release of C’est Bon Anthology #1. It consisted mostly of an exhibition with the participating artists in the book and a panel discussion about alternative comics, starring Paw Mathiesen, Thomas Thorhauge, Knut Larsson and Johanna Rojola, moderated by Fredrik Strömberg. Over the years, planes surfaced now and then to do it again, but bigger. And so it fell on the Swedish Comics Association to finally do it and they gave the assignment to Mattias Elftorp (one of the founders of C’est Bon Kultur).

Poster for AltCom 2004, also cover image for C’est Bon Anthology #1, art by Teddy Kristiansen

The original AltCom logo was created by Niklas Asker.