Aniara (Knut Larsson)

Exhibition with prints from Knut Larsson‘s book Aniara @ Panora (Friisgatan 19 D), July 29 – September 11

In Knut Larsson’s hands, Harry Martinsson’s great space epic becomes a graphic novel that is as unusual as it is exciting. Aniara is also a desperate warning in an era of nuclear weapons and ecological threats and may be the strongest expression of Martinson’s life long project to expose humanity’s attempts to see herself and her role in the creation.

Aniara was first published in 1956 and received a magnificent reception. But perhaps it is only today that it fully stands out as one of the most artistically and intellectually challenging works of our time. Harry Martinson himself described the book as follows: ”We believe that we can leave it to the politicians to handle some practical coexistence details. But we all need to know our participation in the world. We must experience our membership in the cosmos and our part of the responsibility when destruction is unleashed.

Poster design: Mattias Elftorp. Original art: Knut Larsson

Aniara_bilderKnut Larsson (born 1972) is a Swedish cartoonist, illustrator and artist. Knut Larsson debuted in Galago in 1996. Since then he has had seven graphic novels published. In 2001, Knut Larsson received Galago’s Ugly Dog and he has also won an award in the Kemi Comics Competition. The 3D animated film for Majblomman won Guldägget. Knut Larsson has had exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tokyo, Rome, Malmo, Paris, Budapest and Stockholm. In 2014, he debuted as a director with the short film Hypnagogia – Send me the pillow that you dream on (which will also be shown at the exhibition opening). Knut Larsson lives and works in Stockholm.

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