Boey Wang

Boey Wang is a Chinese comic artist and object designer living in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He went on to publish his own books and to run an online bookshop, while cooperating with bookshops in China, America, and the Netherlands. His books participated in book fairs in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore.

His works are drawn to capture stories of mundane events of daily life that are easily overlooked but carry much more weight than they seem to. Things that seem insignificant and inconspicuous interest him, like a sudden reaction of a small gesture, tufts of grass growing through cracked pavements, and overlooked vocations in China etc. These observations become the subject of his stories, through which he hopes to have meaningful conversations that leave lasting impressions within his readers.

Through a humorous and tragic tone, he presents the joy and irony of reality in each comic he creates. Simultaneously, the objects could be approached by everyone and bring up a new understanding of the norms, while being rooted in a strong foundation of compassion. The visual language in his works are always simple and direct in line, shape and color, even though most of his works are black and white, in terms of minimizing the ’noise’ affecting the communication of the stories. He dreams of creating small mirrors in the audience’s mind to reflect inadvertently when matching the same angle of the beautiful light in normal life. It would be the ultimate happiness for him to create art.