AltCom 2018 is coming!


AltCom 2018 is now confirmed, and it will take place in Malmö August 23-26.

You won’t get much more info than that at this point, but we’re planning an overhaul of the website pretty soon. Meanwhile, you can check out what happened last time, at AltCom 2016. But there will be exhibitions, market, talks and international guests as usual, as well as a special collaboration with the TRAUMA noise festival. AND…

…there will be a festival anthology again this year. If you want to get started on your comics already, the deadline will be in April or May, the format will be 140x182mm, black/white and 5 pages/person (same as usual if you’ve participated before). You won’t get paid for contributing, but on the other hand no one will pay to get the book either since it will be given away for free during and after the festival.

We will publish a proper call for submissions pretty soon, so look for it here.

And so begin the preparations…

AltCom 2018 is organised by Tusen Serier in collaboration with CBKKoshk, Wormgod, Noise Against Fascism, Panora etc, with support from Region Skåne, Malmö Kulturstöd & Kulturrådet.

Speaking of anthologies, CBK is right now looking for comics and texts for CBA vol 40 – worst case scenario which is planned to be released in time for AltCom. Check it out!

The anthology

For each AltCom since 2010, we’ve made a festival anthology with comics by artists from different countries, making their own interpretations of the theme of that year.

altcom2016antholog_cvrThis is the lineup for this year’s anthology:
Radovan Popovicć / Rashid
Mileta Mijatović
Aleksandar Opačić
Nils Bertho
Nicolas Krizan
Line Høj Høstrup
Manuel Rodriguez
Jonas Svensson
Patrick McEvoy
Randy Valiente
Henrik Rogowski
Steve Nyberg
Teresa Câmara Pestana
Sónia Oliveira
Rakel Stammer
Stefan Petrini
Mitchell Bercier
Kinga Dukaj
Juhyun Choi
Ivana Armanini
Mattias Elftorp

AltCom 2016: WORK anthology – call for submissions!

Edit 2016-03-31: We got the fundeing for the book through Kickstarter! So we know now that it is happening!

Time to announce the festival anthology of 2016:

We don’t have all the funding secured yet, but there’s a Kickstarter, so let’s assume that everything will be fine and open this call for submissions anyway!

The theme for this year is WORK, and we would like you to give us your stories interpreting that theme.

WHAT we want:
Pages: 1-5, black/white
Language: English
Format: 140x182mm (a little bit smaller than A5) +5mm bleed on all sides
Files: High-resolution .TIFF, preferably
If you are unsure what we mean by “high-resolution”, please ask. Not sure what we mean by “bleed”? Read this! Lots of artists don’t know, and it’s better to ask than to send us files that we can’t use.

Introduction to the theme.

WHEN we want it:
Deadline: May 15

Send submissions to: submissions [at] altcomfestival [dot] se

Please feel free to invite more comics artists to the Facebook event.


WHO we are:
The AltCom 2016 anthology will be edited by the Hybrid of CBK & Tusen Serier.

As usual, no one gets paid for participating. But on the other hand, no one pays for it either since we’ll be giving the book away for free during and after the festival!

And yes, we do accept comics that have already been published elsewhere, as long as we like them and they fit into the theme.

What is currently known…

Ok, here’s what we know now:

The AltCom 2016 festival will happen, and it will happen July 28-31.
The theme for the festival will be WORK and the whole thing will be organized by CBK & Tusen Serier with support (so far) by the City of Malmö.

Thursday & Friday will be based around exhibitions at Mitt Möllan.
One of the exhibitions will be Attention: Work! by Stripburger.

Saturday & Sunday will be the comics fair in Folkets Park.

We also have some ideas for more exhibitions, talks, a film screening and some of the guests, etc, but we won’t disclose all our secrets yet, and there are also a few things we still don’t know. For example, we don’t currently have the funding needed for a festival anthology, but we’re working on it.

So reserve these dates in you schedule, and check this space in a little while to follow any further developments.