How to survive a dictatorship I-III

We invited comics creators from different places to participate in a group exhibition and contribute their interpretations of the theme HOW TO SURVIVE A DICTATORSHIP. The exhibition is divided in different locations.

How to survive a dictatorship I
@ Hybriden, Aug 23 – Sep 27
Opening Aug 23, 18-22
Prints and originals by the festival guests and other creators, making their own personal interpretations of the festival theme.
Artists: Radovan Popović, Ana Biscaia, Aleksandar Denić, Jorge Varas Varilla, Mateusz Skutnik, Jon Cowen, Boey Wang, Manuel Rodriguez, Amalia Alvarez, Ole Comoll, Nicolas Krizan, Kinga Dukaj, Mattis Telin, Shabnam Faraee, Pokuto, Aleksandar Opacić, Mattias Elftorp

How to survive a dictatorship II
@ Panora, Aug 24 – Sep 16
Opening Aug 24, 17-1930
The Egyptian collektive Koshk invited comics creators in their network of artists in the Middle East to participate with their experiences and stories. 
Medverkande: Kalk Comics [Egypt], Mai Koraiem [Egypt], Lina Ghaibeh [Lebanon], Seif Nechi [Tunisia]

How to survive a dictatorship III
@ the streets of Malmö, from ca Aug 23
Poster exhibition that tries to contradict certain sinister myths that are being thrown around more and more lately…
Sweden is normally seen as a true democracy, but we’ve only had universal suffrage for about 100 years and the right to vote can’t be taken for granted in the long run. And even if you don’t think voting helps, things could get a lot worse…
Artists: Mattis Telin, Kinga Dukaj, Mattias Elftorp