Re: Creation & Idleness (CBK)

Release exhibition for the new volume of CBA @ Mitt Möllan, July 28-29

It’s time to put on your leisure suit and get to work on whatever. Whatever you want. Whatever. Is it working? No! It’s not working at all. Maybe it’s a sci-fi utopia. Or is it a fantasy? It’s all the time in the world. Odd moments are even. Time is money and everyone’s a billionaire. Spare some time? Here: free time for everyone! High quality time! No work and all play.

Poster design: Mattias Elftorp. Original art: Alexander Robyn

The new volume of CBA is the antithesis of the AltCom WORK theme. An attempt to break free, if only in our imaginations…

Participating artists:
Alexander Robyn | Steve Nyberg | Jasmina Grudnik | Harukichi | Javier Triviño Murillo | Anna Krztoń | Petra Lilla Marjai | Aurélien Leif | Štěpánka Jislová | Mattias Elftorp

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