Since it’s soon time for the EU election and nazis are once again visible on the streets of Sweden, and also because the forest fire season is soon upon us and we know who will get blamed for that (also by nazis), we thought it’d be fitting to showcase one of the exhibitions of last year’s AltCom.

So here are all 7 posters from the How to survive a dictatorship III exhibition. The texts were written collectively and the images were drawn by 3 artists from Tusen Serier and CBK. It was an attempt to defuse some of the arguments from the neofascist/neocon/alt-right movement:

By Mattias Elftorp
5 examples of problems that won’t
be solved by stopping immigration:
The health care crisis
Forest fires
Class inequality
Postnord (the privatized post service)

By Kinga Dukaj
The Police may serisously damage
you and your surroundings.

By Mattis Telin
The Germans had a word for those
who voted for the nazis not because
they were racists but because they
wanted back to a more glorious past.
That word was “nazi”. Think about how
future history will judge you.

By Mattis Telin
Each year, ca 50 000 people move out of Sweden.
The number of asylum seekers is ca 23 000.
Where is the mass immigration?
[Balloons: Where is it? Where? Where is it?]

By Kinga Dukaj
Taco Friday without multiculture

By Mattias Elftorp
Are you worried about where the country is headed?
Are you longing for a simpler past?
Is it maybe because you were a child back then,
rather than because some people
you don’t know have moved here?

By Mattias Elftorp
To say that we should not receive refugees
but instead help them where they are
is like telling the victims of
the summer forest fires
to wait in their burning houses
until the firefighter arrive.
But there will be no firefighters…